Google Chrome Reporting in WebTrends

In case you missed the big news a couple of weeks back Google released its browser called "Chrome". New browsers are nothing new, but because its from Google the speed at which users are trying it is higher than if it came from some unknown company. Now if you're using WebTrends On-Demand or Google Analytics, you don't have to worry about it showing up in your web analytics report of user clients.

However, if you are using a locally installed web analytics product (like WebTrends) then you need to tweak your software to start reporting on it. For WebTrends users, I've found some great instructions on just how to do this from WebTrends. These instructions can be found at: http://www.webtrendsoutsider.com/2008/adding-the-chrome-browser-to-your-reports/
For other web analytic products check with your manufacture and please post links to any guides as comments to this post.


It's Web Conference Season

Several things happen in September. First the unofficial end of summer with the return of kids schools. Secondly all the fall conference start their marketing efforts.

This year is no exception and I'm happy to be speaking at 3 different events during the next few months plus my usual private corporate training and speaking sessions.

Here is a list of my up-coming talks, I'll post more on the individual events shortly.

October 12 - Web Builder 2.0 (Las Vegas,) Nevada)
October 16 - Canadian Marketing Association (Toronto, Ontario)
November 11 - Pub Con (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Topics range for discussion on web analytics (CMA & Web Builder) to SEO friendly design (PubCon). You can view the various conference web sites for details of my talks and other speakers. If you're thinking of attending any event remember they all offer early bird specials so register early. If you are attending let me know and look out for me and be sure to say hello.

More on each event shortly.