AT Internet Training & Certification

Last month my company K'nechtology Inc. became the first Canadian partner for AT Internet. AT Internet provides a high-end web analytics tool which competes in the market space currently occupied by such giants as Omniture Site Catalyst and WebTrends.

For the past 4-5 weeks I've been giving it a trial run and loving it. Today I started a 4 day training course which dives deep into the product as part of becoming certified as an expert on the product itself. The course will run until Thursday after which myself and my firm will be able to provide product support for AT Internet's web analytics product as well as becoming an authorized reseller.

I'll be posting some screen shots of some of the cooler things it does in a day or two. For right now, consider that this product can provide information on how far down a screen your visitors are viewing (especially useful for analyzing longer pages to see if people read to the bottom) as well as provide a 5 point images called a "radar graph" which easily displays 5 KPI on one image for easy segmentation analysis.

More on this product over the next couple of days.