Spring Speaking/Book Tour

I can't believe that tomorrow will be the 1st day of March. My how much of the winter has already past.

From a business perspective, March signals the start of the conference seasons and I'll be speaking at a variety of conferences. This year I get the pleasure of combining my conference addresses with part of my on-going promotion efforts for "The Last Original Idea".

So if you're in the area, or looking for high quality events to attend here is a list of where I'll be speaking and where you can (if you so desire) obtain an autographed copy of my book.

I hope you'll be able to catch one of my addresses at these events. I'm always looking for more opportunities to speak especially at various industry and association events or as an extension of my book promotion tour. So if you'd like me to speak at one of your events, drop me a line.


Book Tour Stop on Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio Show

On Monday February 14th at 12:00PM ET I'm being interviewed on Breakthrough Business Strategies as part of The Last Original Idea book tour.

Mobile listeners dial 646-200-3742 Or Listen On-line

On Breakthrough Business Strategies I will be sharing wisdom and insights on Internet Marketing, Search Marketing, Web Development, and Web Analytics. And, I also get to take questions from the Listeners! I know a lot of the questions I'll be facing will have their origins from the contents of my book, "The Last Original Idea". I believe that this radio program's goal for all listeners is "Find out if you are caught up in the hype or really on the right track to achieving your Internet Marketing goals."

So before you head off for a romantic Valentine’s Day evening, spend some time with me on Breakthrough Business Strategies.


Guest on Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio

I'm looking forward to to being on Michele Price‘s Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio show on February 14, 2011. During the the show I'm excited to be able to discuss all things Internet marketing related with a strong focus on topics covered in my book "The Last Original Idea - A Cynic's View of Internet Marketing".
The Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio is a popular weekly broadcast over the Internet that has featured famous business authors such as Tony Hsieh of Zapposauthor of “Flip the Funnel” Joseph Jaffe, and author of “UnMarketing” Scott Stratten.  The broadcast gives listeners the chance to ask the experts questions in advance as well as tweet them out during the live broadcast.
Michele herself is no newbie to social media and is a peer who has amassed a lot of success in both speaking as well as consulting not only on social media but also on one’s personal or business online presence.
The theme of my show with Michele will be based around "The Last Original Idea" which is a light hearted look at the world of Internet marketing where too many people think just because the technology is new, that the concept has never been done before.