Final Thoughts on Web Builder

It's the next day and I've had some time to reflect on my brief stay at Web Builder 2.0.

In my previous post I mentioned that I was disappointed with the turnout and had hoped for maybe 20 people to attend my session. As it turned out, a mere 5 people turned out. Fortunately these people were well focused and receptive to the ideas and concepts I was presenting.

With a turnout like this, its hard to believe that there will be a Web Builder 2.0 in 2009. I was thrilled 3 years ago when this conference was brought back. Unfortunately after 3 years, it hasn't gained any traction and in reality has been losing ground.

I guess that the concept of a well round and broadly focus conference to the whole web team sounds good on paper, it just doesn't work. One of the attendees mentioned to me at lunch that we wishes he could get his boss to one of these events. As it would open his eyes to what really needs to be done.

The best part of this conference, like all conferences was the opportunity to reconnect with peers and make a few new friends.

I'm now back home and focusing on my session this coming Thursday here in Toronto to the Canadian Marketing Association. I'm positive there will a lot more there on Thursday then the 5 I faced on Monday.


Web Builder 2.0 - Day 1

Well it's day 1 for Web Builder 2.0 and I'm a bit dissapointed but also pleased.

Turns out that there were a mere 100 or so attendees registered for this unique web conference, this is the only conference that bring the entire web team (developers, managers, programmers etc.) to a single conference. The number of attendees is disappointing but the fact that the conference was allowed to proceed is what I find pleasing. These days many companies are taking any opportunity save money and killing this conference, most likely would have saved lots of money.

For those who put aside the current economical turmoil and are attending this event they now have a great opportunity for more personal attention from the speakers and a great opportunity to meet and network with everyone.

David Verba is currently about 1/2 way through his kick-off keynote "Creating Great Products and Services for an Uncertain world". So far, its interesting with some great examples and lots interesting tibits.

My session will follow the keynote. With 5 different tracks happening at the same time, it is going to be interesting to see if I even get 20 people into my session given I'm up against Steve Mulder (Reich Interface Design) and Sandra Niehaus (Web Design for ROI) and DL Byron (Blog -Oriented Architecture). All are equally great speakers covering equally important subjects.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed hoping for 20 attendees.


Canadian Marketing Association Roundtable

Next week (Thursday October 16) I'll be one of 3 speakers at this months CMA's Roundtable here in Toronto. The topic is Demystifying Web Analytics. I'll be giving the first talk and will be covering the fundamentals of web analytics.

This should be a great event and price is right for those of you in the Toronto area. It's $80 for member and $100 for non-members.

For more information see the RoundTables web page at:

WebBuilder 2.0 Las Vegas

This is a reminder for anyone attending next weeks WebBuilder 2.0 in Las Vegas that I'll be presenting on Monday morning. My topic is Web Site Design and Web Analytics. Basically how to work in the concepts and needs of web analytics into your design strategy before a single line of code is generated.

Unfortunately, this year I won't be sticking around for the entire conference as I have to be back in Toronto the next day. However, I should be at the conference to a little after lunch and then I need to head back to the airport.

So if you're attending the conference, be sure to look me up and say hello.