Final Thoughts on Web Builder

It's the next day and I've had some time to reflect on my brief stay at Web Builder 2.0.

In my previous post I mentioned that I was disappointed with the turnout and had hoped for maybe 20 people to attend my session. As it turned out, a mere 5 people turned out. Fortunately these people were well focused and receptive to the ideas and concepts I was presenting.

With a turnout like this, its hard to believe that there will be a Web Builder 2.0 in 2009. I was thrilled 3 years ago when this conference was brought back. Unfortunately after 3 years, it hasn't gained any traction and in reality has been losing ground.

I guess that the concept of a well round and broadly focus conference to the whole web team sounds good on paper, it just doesn't work. One of the attendees mentioned to me at lunch that we wishes he could get his boss to one of these events. As it would open his eyes to what really needs to be done.

The best part of this conference, like all conferences was the opportunity to reconnect with peers and make a few new friends.

I'm now back home and focusing on my session this coming Thursday here in Toronto to the Canadian Marketing Association. I'm positive there will a lot more there on Thursday then the 5 I faced on Monday.

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