Which Analytic Tool Are They Using?

Ever wonder which of the many web analytics tool a specific web site is using? Maybe not, but rest assured that if you start getting more and more into web analytics the question will come up from one of your clients or even yourself.

To help answer this question, the folks at webanalyticsdemystified.com have made a free tool available called "Simple Vendor Discovery Tool". This tool can help determine which java script based web analytics tool a specific site is using. Unfortunately, and for obvious reasons, if a site is analyzing traditional log files, it won't be able to help.

So have some fun and check it out at http://www.webanalyticsdemystified.com/vendor_discovery_tool.asp

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mira & eli's dad said...


While no doubt Eric's Vendor Discovery tool is pretty good, have you tried the Web Analytics Solution Profiler (WASP)? This is a free Firefox extension developed by your fellow Canadian, St├ęphane Hamel who is a well-respected web analytics practitioner and blogger.

It is very simple to use and you can find out what tags are used on a site in one touch while on the site