Getting Ready for Pubcon

It's hard to believe it's been a year since the last PubCon marketing conference in Las Vegas. To me this is one of the best organized and informative conferences of the year and I start looking forward to it as soon as the last one is finished.

What makes this conference so great, is it the location or the quality of the speakers or something else? As to location, unlike many others, I'm not a fan of Las Vegas for a conference. Yes this year hotel deals are plentiful, but all those neon lights give me a headache.

So it must be the great quality of speakers at the event. Yes over 3 days of presentations the shear number of speakers can be overwhelming. I personally will be speaking during two sessions and the quality of the speakers is a good as anywhere. While you might find all of us at one conference most of the speakers speak at other quality events throughout the years. So what is the big deal?

What I see going between the sessions in the halls at the conference is something you don't usually see. People talking to other people and exchanging ideas, making friends and network connections. It through these new friends and connection that the benefit of the conference continues to grow throughout the year. I attribute this lose/casual/friendly environment to the conference organizers and their ability to get everyone in the right mood.

So with just two weeks before the opening keynote, if you haven't booked your ticket and registered time is running out. To those of you who know you'll be there be sure to tap me on the shoulder in Vegas and say hi.

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Unknown said...

Hey Alan,

It was great to see you at Pubcon. Let me know if you get out to Vancouver or if you're going to be at SMX Advanced.