Webtrends Analtyics 10 New Profile Creation

One of the features, I love in Webtrends Analtyics 10 is the ease at which you can set-up a new profile.

Using the new concept of "Spaces" (a space is a digital property, website, Facebook pages, mobile application, iTunes, etc.) you simply click on the the + simple to the right of "Spaces" menu option and you're presented with  a screen of your available options (this will vary based on which services you subscribe to, but at a minimum will include website or Facebook).

You then make your choice (in this example a website) and fill in the blanks.

One of the nice options now a avail is to supplement your traditional analytics data with data from PostRank (http://www.postrank.com/) -see below - which becomes available immediately upon creation of the profile and you don't even need an account with PostRank.

After you save/create your profile you are promoted to either download the basic tracking javascript tag or to go to the familiar tagbuiler through a "Build Custom Tag" button.

As before you need to add your tag to the site to start the data collection process. What I found surprising was that even before any data could be processed, Webtrends through the PostRank API had already done a data extraction and had some data available within the profile.

Once I drilled down to the PostRank Report (under Traffic) I was able to see the details of how many times the domain had been mentioned in various on-line properties (include such popular social media properties, as Twitter, Delicious, Digg, Facebook Posts, Facebook Comments, etc.). What I didn't like was the exsessive horizontal scrolling I had to do to find the details by property.
Note the horizontal scroll bar
Once the site was set-up I just had to wait for data to be collected and processed. And that's my next blog post.

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