Klout Updates Algorithm - Scores Go Wild

Have you checked your Klout Score this afternoon (October 26, 2011)? 

Klout is rolling out a new interface and new algorithm this afternoon. I haven't heard yet from anyone who saw a significant increase, but lots of people complaining about big drops. Of course those who don't care about their score are complaining the loudest.

While I personally don't care about the actual number (beyond it's fun to watch it go up and down), the fact the my Klout score dropped from 68.11 this morning to 55.83 this afternoon is shocking. Was Klout's algorithm that bad that the adjustment is so significant or will be a matter of time for their servers to properly process all the historical data or alternatively just start processing the new stuff.

My theory is that since I'm a high volume user of Twitter, that Klout might have had issues pulling a historical record of my past tweets and that's why there is such a significant increase over the past few days (in the reprocessed data). I don't know, but will keep my eyes on this.

My biggest concern however is that organizations that use Klout scores for various things (including selecting event speakers, etc.) might not be aware of the change and still be looking to reward people with scores of over 60.

Here's klout 's take on the today's changes "A More Accurate, Transparent Klout Score" http://alank.ca/w3lHAl


PseudoDiva said...

Same here - went down from 66 to 57 this pm.

ScLoHo (Scott Howard) said...

Mine dropped from 64 to 49

rbeland said...

Are you saying people actually choose event speakers based on their Klout score???

Unknown said...


As someone who speaks at different events, I know that on several instances part of the decision of who should speak was based on their Klout score.

While not the sole criteria, it is a factor especially if the conference is on social marketing and the event is looking for a speaker who practices what they preach.