Measuring Your Social Media Success

Last week I both attended and spoke at Pubcon (on of the search and social industries top conferences). The topic of one of my two conference addresses was "Measuring Social Media Success" during a pubcon session entitled "The Convergence of Analytics & SEO".

During my presentation, I equated Social Marketing to a fire and the difficulties of measuring how successful a fire is.

Do you measure the BTUs it generates, its circumference, its height, or how well it attracts people to it?

I'll be expanding on these points in a future blog post.

One of the key points I stressed right at the start of the presentation was the incorrect use of the term "Social Media". Media is a single device/tools/etc. The telephone is a media and when you make a call it becomes one of many different "social media" tools. The correct term we should all be using is "Social Marketing". 

A social marketing campaign is a marketing campaign that uses a variety of 1 or more social media tools. It's that simple!

I know that my message was well received along with many of the other points I was making by a quick review of the twitter stream from pubcon which was flooded with many atteendees tweeting out sound bytes from my session. The session was covered by five different live bloggers.

Some of the more tweets included:
“#PubCon @aknecht is doing a fantastic preso on measurement tools in SM. Wooot! Way to tie history and Analytics!” – @lyena

“@aknecht toolbox: kout, twittalyzer, peerindex, webtrends, radian6, trackur, raven – used for their INTENT #pubcon” - @marydelaney11

“Scoring tools measure how big the fish is in its pond ie Klout, Peer Index etc #pubcon via @aknecht” - @schachin

“When using your scoring tools measure how successful you are in your pond, don’t compare. Think purpose, why #pubcon @aknecht”  - @schachin

“Does it really matter if #JustinBieber has a 100 #Klout when he only influences little sixteen year old girls? #touche via @aknecht #PubCon” - @KelseyLibert

“@aknecht dishing out some great info in the analytics session. #pubcon” - @rehor

“#PubCon Facebook fans – what is your cost per fan acquisition? Important for your FB ad spend success measurements. @aknecht” – @leyna

“Tag your posts and tweets with your unique analytics code. Bitly is your measurement friend. @aknecht #PubCon” - @wrightimc

“@aknecht build campfires, not forest fires. control the WOM/community #pubcon” - @marydelaney11

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