Problems with WebTrends GeoTrend Update

Don't bother downloading the latest Geotrends msi updater. It is corrupt and won't work. I tried two different downloads onto two different installations and both failed.

So I tried it the old fashion way and downloaded the Geotrends data file and ran the installation program to use the new GeoTrends dat file. While that worked, my geographical data is now corrupt. Many of the North American state names don't appear correct and are using some kind of different character set.

I just discovered this today and haven't had a chance to call WebTrends tech support. My guess is this GeoTrends update is only for WebTrends 8.1. I guess I'll find out when I do my upgrade in a day or two.

So the best advice for now is don't update your Geotrends database.

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