WebTrends 8.1 Update

Over the weekend WebTrends released version 8.1 to all Ondemand customers. It appears to be working fine.

I've also installed the stand-alone version on my test server and despite some problems getting the upgrade to work, it appears to be working. However, I also have a test SDC installation on that server and that has created a conflict.

I think I know where the problem lies, but I just haven't had time to fix it. I hope to have that resolved shortly. Once I have that out of the way, I can better comment on version 8.1. I must admit, I do like the new interface.

A couple of complaints on the new version and the install. First it requires .net Framework version 2.0. I had to go out and look for it on microsoft.com and install it. It should have come bundled with the install.

Secondly, since the new version doesn't require Apache or Tomcat it should have prompted me to delete these two applications. Instead it simply leaves them on the server and deactivated the Apache Virtual host. Not a very clean upgrade.

Lastly, my test server has less then 10 profiles and all are very small. Yet it took several hours for the upgrade. This seems excessive and I'm not looking forward to upgrading my various clients who have a 100 plus profiles.

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Spitzohr said...

We upgraded to Webtrends 8.1, too. It seems, that Webtrends is still using the Tomcat server. The new Geotrends database doesn't work. I tried to install the new geotrends with the Webtrends setup. But the setup doesn't copy the geotrends.dat. So I created a unattended installation script to run the geotrends MSI installer. But with the new geotrends version we got strange signs instead of countries. So I reinstalled the old geotrends data again.

Best regards from Germany,