Google Virus - Good Luck For Me

For the best couple of days a virus that I'll call the "google virus" has been slowly spreading. The impact of this virus is that it hijacks your Google search results and redirects you to a spam site.

Fortunately, I didn't get hit by this virus but a call from CBC radio here in Toronto alerted me to the virus. For a brief moment it looked like CBC Toronto was being infected. The good news was they weren't either they had just trip a red flag at Google by having a large number of employees conduct lots of searches in a very short time period. Google then just wanted to verify that the searches were indeed coming from humans and not machines. So they got prompt with a CAPTCHA screen. You know these screen where you have to read a bunch of garbled letter and type them.

So what's the good news about this virus, well I did my research and as a result of helping CBC radio out, I'm being interviewed today across Canada on different local CBC radio stations about Google and viruses. I do need to tip my hat to Twitter, as it allowed me to isolate the virus and the details of what was going on.

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