WebTrends Doesn't Work with Internet Explorer 7

I was on the phone talking with WebTrends technical support about the problem I discovered with using WebTrends and the newly released version of IE 7 as mentioned in my previous post.

Their response is as follows:

  • Yes, we've seen that problem before
  • It doesn't occur with every instance of IE 7, sometimes people get lucky with IE 7
  • Development is aware of the problem and WebTrends is working on a fix
  • Expect the fix in the next release of WebTrends

As result, my personal recommendation is don't upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 if you don't have to and you need to use WebTrends. If you've upgraded already or if your organization forces the upgrade, or by mistake you let Microsoft upgrade your version with their automatic auto-update utility, then start using FireFox.


Unknown said...

I have the fix, check out my latest blog posting at http://www.knechtology.com/blog/2006/11/webtrends-ie7-fix-available.html

Unknown said...

It doesn't work in FireFox either.

I'm going to try Alan's blog...

Pheobe.Madison said...

I rarely do update, thanks for the information.
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