WebTrends & IE7 Fix Available

WebTrends has just released a hot fix for the problems that Internet Explorer was causing. These WebTrends fixes mean IE7 is now a supported browser and also include a fix so you can use the WebTrends SmartView plug-in for IE 6 and with IE 7.

For those using WebTrends on Demand, WebTrends has already installed WebTrends version 8.0b which includes the support of IE7, but not the fix for SmartView. The good news about these hot fix is that WebTrends has decided not to wait until they make version 8.0b available to the general public and instead issued the hot fixes.

I just got these links directly from WebTrends and haven't had the chance to test them. However, WebTrends assures me they will work.

So here is the links to the fixes:
SmartView - ftp://ftp.webtrends.com/WRC/80a/IE7/SmartViewUpdater.exe
WebTends - ftp://ftp.webtrends.com/WRC/80a/IE7/8.0a_IE7_Solution.zip

Be sure to follow these instuctions
1) Log in to WebTrends as an administrator.
2) Select Service Health under Administration | Monitoring.
3) Click the Shut Down System button.

4) After the system is shut down, extract the 8.0a_IE7_Solution.zip into your installation directory (e.g. "C:\Program Files\WebTrends"), overwriting existing files.

4a) If WebTrends is installed in a Distributed Architecture you will need to overwrite the files on each system WebTrends is installed in.

5) After this completes, start the WebTrends system database, if stopped (for example, the "WebTrends - MySQL" service in a MySQL environment)

6) Next, launch SmartViewUpdater.exe. After the installation completes, your WebTrends server will have an updated version of the SmartView in the component repository.

7) After the files have been overwritten and the SmartViewUpdater install completes, start the WebTrends system. To start the system, run “SystemShutdown.exe mode=start” from the command line when in \modules\analysis under the installation directory.

The next time users run SmartView from an updated server, they will be informed that a newer version is available and asked to upgrade. Once they select "Upgrade" the new SmartView client will be downloaded and installed over their previous version. The new version includes support for both Internet Explorer 6 and 7.

Good luck and please post a response if these WebTrends fixes for IE 7 work for you.


Lincoln said...

Do you have a fix for Webtrends 7. We have not upgraded to Webtrends 8 and we have the same problem.

Unknown said...

As far as I understand it, I believe the fix should work with version 7 as well. I haven't tested!!!

However, don't just take my word on it, call WebTrends technical support to confirm.

Unknown said...

I highly doubt it will work on version 6.

WebTrends doesn't support version 6 and the software was completely rewritten for version 7.

It might even be questionable if it will work 7, but it might be possilbe and worth a call to WebTrends technical support.

If your still using version 6, I think you'll be out of luck

Unknown said...

Do you know if Webtrend has released a patch for version 6? Is there any possibility to solve this problem with IE7 for people that use this old version?

Unknown said...

WebTrends no longer supports any aspect of version 6 Reporting Center. As such there will be no patches for it in support of IE 7.

All I can suggest is downloading an old vesion of Netscape that did work with it.

Unknown said...

I'm working on getting version 6 to work on IE7. I believe I have a solution.

Swapnil said...

Looking for fix for webtrends 6 to run on IE7.

Will be really thankful to get it.


travelfreak said...


is theat IE7 Fix also for version:

Web Trends Log Analyzer, Version 8.0, Build 7339 ?

Its a very old version, not working anymore since IE7.


Unknown said...

No WebTrends is not providing any fixes for IE 7 for any other version besides it's current version 8 web analytics (aka Reporting Center).

Fixes are on a go forward basis.

Unknown said...

I figured out how to get WebTrends 6 to work with IE7 and Firefox. There is going to be a master wt_utils.js for the wwwroot and a wt_utils.js template, and all existing reports will have a wt_utils. All the files are the same, insert this code. The last line indicates you need to comment out that existing line. This let all browsers work and treated Firefox like Netscape 7. If you do not include the Firefox line for the wwwroot wt_utils.js, you will be able to admin using firefox.

this.ie6 = ((this.ie && agent.indexOf("msie 6") >= 0 ) || (this.ie && agent.indexOf("msie 7") >= 0 ));
if (agent.indexOf('Firefox') >= 0) { this.ns7 = true }
this.isSupportedbyWT = 1;
// Disabled browser version check
// this.isSupportedbyWT = ((this.ns4 || this.ie5up || this.ns7) && ! this.opera)


Matt Oglesby

PEP said...

Works great!!

Webtrends 6.0c and IExplorer 7 (7.0.5730.11)

Thank you, Matt.
Thank you, Alan.